Public Viewing Day at ISEF

After a few days of fun, our students buckle down for Public Viewing Day at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

The adventure began on Sunday, May 14, when our team landed in Los Angeles, CA. Before the opening ceremony on Monday night, they went to Hollywood and experienced the Walk of the Stars and a hike in the Hollywood Hills. On Tuesday, they visited the La Brea Tar Pit Museum and the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica.

Today is Public Viewing Day. This is the day when nearly 4,000 people from the public will visit our students’ projects and the judges will make their decisions. The Special Awards Ceremony is tonight, and the Grand Awards Ceremony is tomorrow.

Thanks to our many sponsors, donors and volunteers who have made this trip possible. Stay tuned on our blog and Facebook page as we wrap up our adventures at ISEF!

Here are photos from the presentations today:

Analisa Conway presents “New Home Health Hazard: Exploring Flexible Flooring Cytotoxicity”
Kairav Kukkala presents “Surfactant Additives to Improve Paint Stain Resistance”
Vaitheesh Jaganathan presents “Can Tender Coconut Water Inhibit the Growth of HepG2 Liver Cancer Cells?”
Vishaal Balamurugan presents “Bioengineering Islet Cells using 3D-Bio Printing Technology for the Treatment of Type One Diabetes”
Sriram Satyavolu presents “Optimization of Storage Capacity using Activated Carbon Fibers from Sustainable Agricultural Sources for Hydrogen”
Joshua Jacob presents “Development of a Hybrid Direct Ink Writing 3D Printer: a Novel Approach to 3D Printing Multi-material Functional Devices and Flexible Electronics”