LRSEF Students Prepare for ISEF

In the midst of final exams, six students from LRSEF 2017 are preparing to attend the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) from May 14-19 in Los Angeles, CA.

Each year, LRSEF awards the top four high school projects with a trip to ISEF. This year, two of those projects also won when they advanced to the Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair (KY-SEF). Those two projects will attend ISEF with KY-SEF. In turn, LRSEF has promoted two more projects to fill their spots.

The LRSEF students attending ISEF are:

  • Vishaal Balamurugan (KY-SEF)- Bioengineering Islet Cells using 3D-Bio Printing Technology for the Treatment of Type One Diabetes (North Oldham High School)
  • Analisa ConwayNew Home Health Hazard: Exploring Flexible Flooring Cytotoxicity (Assumption High School)
  • Joshua Jacob (KY-SEF)- Development of a Hybrid Direct Ink Writing 3D Printer: a Novel Approach to 3D Printing Multi-material Functional Devices and Flexible Electronics (Saint Xavier High School)
  • Vaitheesh JaganathanCan Tender Coconut Water Inhibit the Growth of HepG2 Liver Cancer Cells? (Ballard High School)
  • Kairav KukkalaSurfactant Additives to Improve Paint Stain Resistance (Ballard High School)
  • Sriram SatyavoluOptimization of Storage Capacity using Activated Carbon Fibers from Sustainable Agricultural Sources for Hydrogen (Kentucky Country Day)
Sriram Satyavolu presents his project at LRSEF 2017

About 1,800 students from more than 75 countries, regions and territories present their projects at ISEF each year. This year, 21 of those students will be from Kentucky.

LRSEF student Sriram Satyavolu is making changes to his presentation for ISEF. “I am going over my presentation and making adjustments to make it more like a conversation rather than a big presentation,” Satyavolu said.

LRSEF student Analisa Conway has also been working on her presentation and practicing with her mentor so she can be prepared to answer the judges’ questions.

Both students said they are most excited about the people they will meet. “I am most excited to meet and collaborate with other students from around the world,” Conway said, “It will be an amazing opportunity to network with students who have the same interests and goals in the field of science.”

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