Congratulations to 2023 KY-SEF Winners

Congratulations to all students who participated in the 2023 Kentucky Science & Engineering Fair on March 25, 2023. LRSEF promoted 93 projects KY-SEF, including each 1st and 2nd place project  in all categories, the four Amazon Award winners and eight at-large delegates, as selected by the judges.

Nearly 300 participants competed in 21 STEM categories at the statewide fair, with multiple LRSEF winners at both the middle and high school level. View the full list of 2023 KY-SEF winners.

Special congratulations to LRSEF middle school students Penelope Harris, Maylin Kidwell and Annika Chadha who swept the Physical Sciences category for Best of Fair.

Middle School – Physical Sciences
1st Place
Annika Chadha, Noe Middle School – Omni Wheel: An Innovative Wheel Design for Improved Walker Safety and Stability and Bi-Mode Fall Notification System

2nd Place
Maylin Kidwell, Noe Middle School – Precision Through Randomness: A Physical Demonstration of Using Noise to Improve Measurements

3rd Place
Penelope Harris, St. Francis of Assisi – Golf Controversy: The Locked Putter Advantage