Students Promoted to 2023 KY-SEF

The 2023 Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair (KY-SEF) will be hosted at Eastern Kentucky University on March 24-25, 2023. The deadline to register is March 15.

LRSEF has promoted 93 projects to the 2023 KYSEF – Kentucky Science & Engineering Fair at EKU on March 24 – 25.

Each  1st and 2nd place project  in all categories, the 4 AMAZON Award winners and 8 AT LARGE delegates, as selected by the judges.

View the full 2023 LRSEF Winners list here.

The 4 Amazon Innovation Award winners are promoted to KY-SEF   

  • Mariah Peterson
    CELL-002-MS Exploring Tea: A Potential Remediator of Ethonolic Damage in Liver
  • Nevaeh Peterson
    ENEV-005-MS Eggshells: Remediation for clothes dye waste
  • Javier Alcantara
    ROBO-004-HS Can an AI Solve a Six Sided Puzzle Cube using a Plastic Brick Robot?
  • Anas Bousrih
    SOFT-006-HS The Effect of Password Construction on The Time To Crack A Password

8 At-Large Students Promoted to KY-SEF

High School

  • Grant Stinson, Raini Petross
    BMED-014-HS-T Why physical reaction to smelling smells in a short time period?
  • Om Patel, Davis Schindler, Jack Bolyard
    MCRO-003-HS-T Natural Vs Branded Deodorants; Which Can Kill BO Better??
  • Bryce Green
    PHYS-007-HS The Effect of Shooting String Placement on the Speed of a Lacrosse Ball

Middle School

  • Cole Sprague
    ANIM-007-MS Exhibits Types Effects On Primates Behavior
  • Gracyn Stockwell
    BEHA-013-MS Exploring the Effect of Anxiety and Risk-Taking
  • Reka Stanev
    BMED-001-MS Germs In Brown
  • Hasina Sabur
    PHYS-015-MS Using Your Phone as a Homemade Microscope: The Effect of Zoom Levels on Image Clarity
  • Nour Albarqawi
    PLNT-009-MS The Effect of Different Chemicals on Plant Growth