LRSEF Sends Students to KY-SEF

This year, nearly 80 students from LRSEF will be participating in the Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair (KY-SEF). Students with advancing projects expressed their passion for science at LRSEF 2017.

“I like science because I want to help the environment,” said Sahil Krishnani, whose project focuses on dye-sensitized solar cells, which could be a way to end the energy crisis.

“It’s interesting to figure out how things happen,” said Zachary Jordan-Smith, whose project tested the effectiveness of different solar cookers based on the materials they’re made out of.

“I’m doing what I love, and I get to meet people who also are doing what they love, and we can converse and find out different things that we can find out to do better,” said Sirah Larison, who tested the effectiveness of different home remedies for whitening teeth (she found that a combination of baking soda and lemon juice works the best, by the way).

“You can just find out different things that you wouldn’t learn in normal school,” said Trisha Sexton, who created a soft robot that could go into extremely cold water.

Christopher Eifler, who experimented with solar updraft power, talked about how science projects can carry students beyond their original goals, saying, “you’ll do a lot more than you think you can.”

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