2023 Sponsors

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Funds received July 1, 2022 to date

LRSEF thanks all donors and sponsors for their generous support of LRSEF 2023. Those interested in supporting the fair can still make a gift online.

We regret any omission or errors; please email info@lrsef.org with corrections.

Title Sponsor
$10,000 and Above


GE Appliances a Haier company

LRSEF is supported by GE Appliances, a Haier company, through the GE Appliances Community Engagement Grant Program.


$5,000 – $9,999

Amazon Innovation Fund of the Kentucky State Science & Engineering Fair 

$3,000 – $4,999

$1,000 - $2,999

Kentucky Science Fair Endowment, Inc.

$500 - $999

Kentuckiana Chapter of Hazardous Materials Managers


$499 and below

AAK Louisville

Amazon SMILE 

American Society of Civil Engineers – Kentucky Section

Atlas Technical Consultants

Bakelite Synthetics, Inc.

BC Plumbing Company

Brownfields Environmental Consulting

Carbide Industries, LLC

DuPont Specialty Products USA

Highlands Environmental, LLC

Jefferson County Conservation District

Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers


Kroger Community Rewards Program

Linebach Funkhouser, Inc.

Louisville Chapter of Society for Neuroscience

Lubrizol Advanced Materials 

Shield Environmental Associates, Inc. 

Terracon Consultants, Inc. 

The SESCO Group 

University of Michigan Alumni Club of Louisville

Individual Donors & Board of Directors* (all amounts)

Dawn Hall-Bibb*
Judy Bidwell
Michael Brame*
Lynette Breedlove
Gregory Cambron*
Jennifer Cave
Keith Cole*
Lisa Dusterhoff*
Cecilia Dengre
Cynthia Fanning 
Shawn Farris
Mark Garman*
Michelle Garman
Carson Garrett*
Lawrence Gettleman*
Mary Zoe Gillespie
Charlotte Gittelson
Joel Gittelson*
Elizabeth Glass
Ray Glass
Corinne M. Greenberg CHMM*
Leah Greenberg
Jason B. Greenberg, Ph.D. 
Paul Greenberg
Dara Griggs*
Dawn Hall-Bibb* 
Kathleen Hillenmeyer 
Isreal Hodges Jr.
Porsha Hodges
Glenda Jones*
Meredith Jones*
Joanne Kincaid 
Megean Kincaid
Cheryl Kirby-Stokes*
Eric Korff
Grant Kidwell
Penpisa Kidwell
David Linnean
Amy Lowen 
Vanita Mani*
Elizabeth Mattei 
Eric Mattei 
Hope Mattei 
Dr. Michael Mattei
Dr. Nicholas Mattei 
Theresa H. Mattei*
Cristy McMahan
George McNair*
Dorothy McNair
Keri Meador*
Michael Moreland*
Charles Muller
Kaya Muller*
Jennifer Mulvihill 
Ben Murr
Jessica Murr
Chelsea Newhall
Bob Olsen*
Jeffrey Petruska*
Sara Petruska 
Rhonda Poston*
Beth Quinn*
Jayaram Ravishanker *
Terry A. Roach*
LS and Chandrika Srinivasan
I-Hsuan Strauss 
Celeste Sutter
Catherine Werner* 
F. Joseph Whittaker*
Stuart J. Williams*
Cassandra Wooley*


Memorial & Honorary Gifts

In honor of Dr. Robert Acland, the Junior Award in BIOMEDICAL & HEALTH SCIENCES 2023 is sponsored by Dr. Jeffrey Petruska and family.  

In memory of Dr. Thomas H. Crawford, former LRSEF Fair Director, Provost & Chemistry Professor at University of Louisville, LRSEF Board & Emeritus member; friends and colleagues have sponsored the Junior and Senior Category Awards in CHEMISTRY 2023.  Donations from Ashley Fields, Ronda K. Fields, Theresa Mattei, and Kristin Fields Schoen.    

In memory of Michelle Faris, by Shawn Faris.

In memory of Frank Lovell, former Co-Fair Director of LRSF, donated by Charlotte and Joel Gittelson, LRSEF Emeritus Board member.  

In honor and memory of Julia R. Whittaker, donations from Charlotte and Joel Gittelson and Fred J. Whittaker, LRSEF Board and Science Fair Co-Director.



Category Award Sponsors

Category Sponsorships confirmed to date. To become a category award sponsor, make a gift online or contact us at info@lrsef.org.

Junior Sponsors ($150) – First Prize: $65, Second Prize: $50, Third Prize: $35

Animal Sciences (ANIM) — HEPACO

Behavioral and Social Sciences (BEHA) — Kiwanis Club of Louisville

Biomedical and Health Sciences (BMED) — In Honor of Dr. Robert Acland

Biomedical Engineering (ENBM) — Terracon Consultants, Inc.

Cellular and Molecular Biology (CELL) — The SESCO Group

Chemistry (CHEM) — In Memory of Dr. Thomas H. Crawford

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (CBIO) — Shield Environmental Associates

Earth Environmental Sciences (EAEV) — The Kentuckiana Chapter of Hazardous Materials Managers

Embedded Systems (EBED) – HEPACO

Energy: Sustainable Materials & Design (EGSD) – The Kentucky Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association

Engineering Technology: Statics & Dynamics (ETSD) – Mark and Michelle Garman

Environmental Engineering (ENEV) — AECOM

Materials Science (MATS) — Lubrizol Advanced Materials

Plant Sciences (PLNT) — AAK Louisville

Systems Software (SOFT) – Carson Garrett


Senior Sponsors ($200) – First Prize: $85, Second Prize: $65, Third Prize: $50

Animal Sciences (ANIM) — Highlands Environmental, LLC

Behavioral and Social Sciences (BEHA) — Kiwanis Club of Louisville

Chemistry (CHEM) — In Memory of Dr. Thomas H. Crawford

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (CBIO) — The Kentucky Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association

Earth and Environmental Sciences (EAEV) — Linebach Funkhouser, Inc.

Embedded Systems (EBED) – Samtec

Energy: Sustainable Materials and Design (EGSD) – The Werner Family

Engineering Technology: Statics & Dynamics (ETSD) – DuPont Specialty Products USA

Environmental Engineering (ENEV) – University of Michigan Alumni Club of Louisville

Materials Science (MATS) — Atlas Technical Consultants

Mathematics (MATH) – Brownfields Environmental Consulting

Physics and Astronomy (PHYS) – HEPACO

Plant Sciences (PLNT) — AAK Louisville

Translational Medical Science (TMED) — Carbide Industries LLC


Local Special Award Sponsors

Local Special Award Sponsorships confirmed and paid by January 15, 2023.

General Awards

Amazon Innovation Projects – KY Science & Engineering Fair

Clear Thinker Award – Asia Pacific American Forum of GE Appliances, a Haier Company

Best of Fair Awards – Junior & Senior, GE Appliances, a Haier Company

First Build Innovation Awards 

Nominations to Kentucky Science & Engineering Fair

School Awards for top three Junior & Senior Schools 
Sponsored by LRSEF – Trophies made by APAF 

Chemistry & Biochemistry

American Chemical Society – Louisville Section


Jefferson County Conservation District

Kentucky Chapter of Air & Waste Management

Creativity, Community Impact & Sustainability

Bakelite Synthetics

The Gibson Family


American Society of Civil Engineers – Kentucky Section


Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District 

Environmental Science

Kentuckiana Chapter of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers

Women Environmental Leaders of Louisville (WELL)


Louisville Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience


BC Plumbing Company

Louisville Water Company

Multiple Awards in Community Service, Health & Safety, Environment, and Global Perfection

Maryam’s Charity, Inc