2019 LRSEF Awards and Prizes


LRSEF is pleased to announce the awards and prizes for LRSEF 2019. Additional special awards to be announced.


Best of Fair Awards

GE Appliances Best of Fair at Senior Level (4 projects) Trophy plus $420/project and travel grant to attend the International Science & Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Arizona May 12-17, 2019.  

GE Appliances Best of Fair at Junior Level (3 projects) Trophy and $240/project


Category Awards


1st Blue Ribbon and $85
2nd Red Ribbon and $65
3rd White Ribbon and $50


1st Blue Ribbon and $65
2nd Red Ribbon and $50
3rd White Ribbon and $35

*Cash Awards are made to each project; if a team wins, the students must equally divide the money. Trophies and Ribbons are given to each student on the team. Checks must be cashed on or before June 30 of the year of award. LRSEF reserves the right to combine categories with low number of entries. Not all place awards have to be awarded; decisions of Judges based on LRSEF published criteria are final.


Broadcom MASTERS

16 awards will be made to Junior projects in 2019.
(awarded to the top 10% of Junior students based on prior year entries)

This year, Broadcom MASTERS will also present the Lemelson Early Inventor Prize of $100 to be awarded to a 6th-8th grade inventor competing at LRSEF 2019. The Lemelson Early Inventor Prize is being offered to 270 affiliated fairs that also award the Broadcom MASTERS nominations.


Kentucky State Science & Engineering Fair

Invitations to the KY State Science & Engineering Fair on March 30, 2019 at Eastern Kentucky University are awarded to the 1st and 2nd place Category winners at both the Senior & Junior Levels at LRSEF.


LRSEF Winning Schools

The top three schools in both Senior & Junior Level win Trophies and $400 for 1st, $250 for 2nd $175 for 3rd for use in their STEM programs.  In the case of a tie, schools will split award amounts, but each will receive a trophy. Points are awarded for each student attending LRSEF and for each Category Award earned by the school. Winning schools are determined on total number of points earned.


Special Awards

Award Name, Company or Organization Sponsoring Award Description Award
GE APAF Special Award – Clear Thinker Award 2 – 1 Junior & 1 Senior award across any category for project that demonstrate “clear thinking” 2 – $100 awards
American Chemical Society 1 – Junior and 3 – Senior winner in chemistry, biochemistry, or energy: chemical All winners to be invited to ACS – Louisville Chapter for awards
American Society of Civil Engineers 1 – Senior and 1 – Junior project across any civil engineering discipline and in any category $25 to 2 winners and certificates
AZLAND Risk Management, LLC 2 awards – Senior or Junior – across any category 2 – $50 awards
BC Plumbing Special Award 2 awards (1-Junior & 1-Senior) any category on projects related to plumbing, water conservation, etc. 2 – $100
Bluegrass Section – Food Technologists Institute 1st and 2nd place entries related to Food Science (Junior or Senior) 1 – $150 and 1 – $100 award
Churchill Downs Award 1 award for an equine related project $150
Delta Kappa Gamma 10-$25 awards (4 Senior and 6 Junior) in any category 10-$25 awards (4 Senior and 6 Junior)
Gibson Family Award 4 awards (either level, any category) for projects that exhibit interesting topics or a fresh perspective 4 – $50
Hexion Speciality Chemicals 4 awards (1 Junior, 1 Senior and 2 Creative Awards) for chemistry related projects 4 – $50 awards
Jefferson County Conservation District 3 awards in Environmental Science division reflecting the mission of the JCCD 3 awards: 1st place ($200) 2nd ($150) and 3rd ($100)
Kentucky Chapter of Certified Hazardous Material Managers 1 award to Senior exhibitor in either Env Mgt or Env Sci as selected by judges representing our Chapter $500 to be awarded at a Chapter meeting
Kentucky Gas Association 2 awards (Junior or Senior) for projects related to the natural gas industry i.e. corrosion, carbon monoxide 2 – $50 awards
Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers 1 award (Junior / Senior) to a project in any category representing any engineering discipline $50
KY-AWMA (KY Chapter of Air & Waste Management Association) 2 awards (either level, any category) for projects focusing on conservation / waste management. 1 – $100 and 1 – $75
Louisville Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (TBD) 1 award (either level, any category) for projects regarding neuroscience 1 – $100
Louisville Dental Society, UofL School of Dentistry, and the Louisville 1 – Senior and 1 – Junior project across all categories dealing with a wide variety of dental related topics $150 to 2 winners, certifcates and dinner with the Dental Society (TBD)
Louisville Water Company 1 award (Junior / Senior) in any category that relates to water quality $300
Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Bluegrass Stars Section – 1 award (Junior / Senior) in any category that relates to the automotive industry $100, certificate, invitation to tech session
Section of the American Association for Dental Research – Dental Science Award including but not limited to dental health, hygenie and other related topics.
U.S. Fish & Wildlife (TBD) 2 – 1 Junior & 1 Senior project in any category that reflects the goals of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Will provide plaques for Senior and Junior and judges
Women Environmental Leaders of Louisville (WELL) 2 awards for “Girls Achieving Leadership through Science” (“GALS”).  1 – JR + 1 SR in EAEV or ENEV. Recipients will be invited to a summer WELL mtg. and presented $100 cash stipends to each.